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At MTripleP, we are proud to bring together a team of highly skilled professionals from diverse backgrounds, including computational metallurgists, data scientists, software developers, and artificial intelligence specialists. We have utilized our collective expertise to create cutting-edge computational metallurgy solutions, powered by machine learning, physics-based modelling, CALPHAD, Finite Element (FE), and Phase-Field methods. These advanced solutions enable us to quickly and effectively address complex industrial challenges.

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At MTripleP, we are committed to creating a sustainable future by providing science-based solutions to the metal manufacturing industry. We believe that sustainability is not just an option, but a necessity, and we are dedicated to creating a more sustainable future for our clients, partners, and the planet.


At our company, we believe in delivering value to our clients by reducing the time and cost needed to develop new materials and new manufacturing routes. We accelerate innovation and streamline the R&D process, enabling our clients to achieve their business goals faster and more efficiently.

Image by Lenny Kuhne
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